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Benefits and Downsides of Twin Flames Using Psychics

There are both pros and cons to hiring psychics to help us getting more clarity with the relationship and aiding us with the actual journey itself. Let’s start with the positives of using psychics.

The Benefits of Using Psychics with Your Twin Flame Relationship

Psychics are a great source of help with a twin flame relationship, especially at the beginning of your journey.

Psychics can help you…

  • Feel you are not going crazy!
  • Verify if your relationship is of a twin flame, soul mate or karmic
  • Get answers to your questions.
  • Build your
  • Learn about yourself, your twin flame, and the relationship.
  • Think in new ways. They help you look beyond what you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with your 5 senses and open your heart.
  • Understand the woo-woo and spiritual If the psychics are really good they usually won’t give you a by-the-book answer. They will wait until their guides give them an answer.
  • Make sense of this wild journey.
  • Confirm your own inner guidance. Psychics are really good at validating what your intuition has already been telling you and at giving you more insights about what you already know.

The Downsides of Using Psychics with Your Twin Flame Relationship

Above I listed some really good reasons to use psychics, but there are some things you also need to watch out for.

  • When you start relying on psychics to get you out of your anxiety attacks and fear. With a twin flame relationship, that could cost you a fortune. Instead of asking the psychic what’s going to happen to get you out of the fear, ask them for methods on how to relieve the fear yourself.
  • When you become dependent on the psychic’s guides or intuition. A major part of the twin flame journey is about learning to navigate by your own inner guidance. Don’t use psychics to delay your inner work.
  • When you count on the psychic’s timeframes. Concerning the future, especially with twin flame relationships, psychic predictions can be way off. I’m going to be so bold as to say, ignore their timeframes completely concerning your relationship. Otherwise, you might tend to put your inner work on hold while you are waiting.
  • When you take what psychics say too seriously. Just because they try to use their psychic abilities doesn’t mean they are right all the time. Sometimes psychics are influenced by what’s going on in their own lives. Sometimes they haven’t done their own inner work and talk about things to be afraid of. And bear in mind, some psychics don’t have any idea what having a twin flame connection is like.
  • When you feel beaten down, like you are wrong for what you want and your feelings. Watch out if you feel depressed or hopeless at the end of the reading. Good psychics will probably tell you some things you don’t want to hear, but in a loving way with a positive spin so that you can understand it.
  • When the psychic justifies anger and guilt on anyone’s part. No one needs to feel bad or be punished for what they did or didn’t do. If you buy into what the psychic is telling you—that someone needs to be blamed for something that happened in the relationship—then it puts the timeline of a happy outcome on hold.
  • When you ignore the bigger picture. Sometimes you can have a driven agenda—such as wanting to be with your twin flame soooo much that you don’t pay attention to what the psychic is really saying.

If any of these downsides resonate with you, you might want to try backing off a bit and using your own inner guidance more. In order to have a lasting happy outcome with your twin flame you will have to do it anyway. Why not start now?

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