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What Part Does Intuition Play in the Twin Flame Journey?

As you have noticed, your twin flame relationship is the most intense, life-altering, frightening, and challenging journey you have ever experienced. But it also could be gratifying and the most rewarding.

All you need to do is let your intuition be your guide through the twists, turns, ups, and downs of this uncharted path. It could be the most unbelievable, amazing adventure known to humankind.

What is Intuition?

There are lots of terms that can define intuition. Some might call intuition gut instincts, a knowing, an insight, or a hunch. Those who are religious might call it God’s guidance, God’s voice, or Holy Spirit. Or those who are spiritual might call it Universe, Spirit, Source, Guides, Divine, or inner guidance.

Intuition is the generic term that contains all of those, along with any other term we want to call a higher source that knows how to direct us out of any predicament or solve any problem so that everyone involved wins in the long run.

Here’s How Your Intuition Can Help Your Twin Flame Journey…

Your Intuition Can…

  • Relieve your doubts and fear about the relationship.
  • Answer your questions and give you clues or insights about your relationship journey.
  • Make your twin flame journey adventurous and satisfying.
  • Help you stop wasting effort trying to reject your twin flame relationship and instead accept
  • Show you how to truly forgive, increase your gratitude, and have lots more faith in the higher source.
  • Help you explore new ways to connect with your twin flame—beyond written or spoken words, and what you can physically see, hear, or touch.
  • Comfort you at the times you really need it.
  • Teach you how to accept love like you’ve never known before.
  • Insure that a happy outcome for your twin flame relationship is guaranteed.
  • Open your awareness to receive telepathic messages from your twin flame.
  • Assist you in experiencing remote viewing and remote touch with your twin flame.
  • Nudge you to let go of trying to control the relationship, what happens, and when. Instead, you can sit back and watch the relationship unfold in the perfect way, at the perfect time. 

Are You Ready to Improve Your Intuitive Abilities?

I have a Twin Flame Self-study Course and a Twin Flame Telepathy eBook that can help you manage and navigate your twin flame journey for a happy outcome.

Also, I’ve added Intuition eBooks for two of the Myers-Briggs personality types that are common for twin flames, INFJ and INFP.   

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