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INFJ Personality Types Before They Meet Their Twin Flame

INFJs are one of the few Myers-Briggs personality types who search and actually find their twin flames. They are connectivity seekers, especially with relationships.

In fact, INFJs usually begin looking for their twin flame at an early age, and continue until they finally find their twin flame.

Here’s Signs You Are Looking for Your Twin Flame

When you…

  • Can’t settle for a mediocre or even a “normal” relationship for long. INFJs tend to have an “all or nothing” attitude when it comes to relationships.
  • Crave a deep connection with a romantic partner at all levels—physical, mental, and especially spiritual.
  • Want to experience the 5th dimension or feel “one” with your true love.
  • Were drawn to find out more about the term twin flame when you came across it.
  • Are willing to do any inner work that is required to attract and keep your twin flame. INFJs tend to be on a constant personal growth quest.
  • Quickly steer away from people who want to keep secrets and not tell the truth. INFJs tend to want honesty and authenticity—something that is required with a twin flame relationship.
  • Don’t want a bunch of friends that could possibly pull you away and distract you from looking for your twin flame.
  • Enjoy the process of looking for a needle in a haystack. INFJs tend to love complex projects like finding their twin flame. They seem to be always on the lookout for clues and signs from the universe that connect the dots.
  • Seem to be intuitive, even when they try to dumb it down or shut it off. Out of all the personality types, INFJs tend to be the ones that utilize their intuition or inner guidance the most.

The Twin Flame Quest Can be Frustrating

Maybe you have searched the Internet high and low and have only gotten information on people who have actually met their twin flame. It’s frustrating to think you might be the only one who hasn’t seen, heard, or touched your true love in person.

Maybe you get impatient and clamp onto people you’re attracted to, thinking you have finally met “the one” you have been feeling. But in no time, the spark fizzles out.

To feel or know about your twin flame before you meet is more common than you think for an INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type.

Why Can the Quest to Find Your Twin Flame be Soooo Frustrating?

INFJs tend to…

1   Believe wholeheartedly that everything is connected, especially souls.

2   Almost always be looking to see how the different pieces are joined together.

3   Have a built-in curiosity.

4   Be future-focused. When they do center their attention on the past or the present, it’s usually to get clues about what will happen in the future.

5   Have the eerie ability to forecast the future and a twin flame relationship is one of the things they can foresee.

6   Crave relationship intimacy at the highest level humanly possible.

7   Need to have a purpose, and the twin flame union is a gigantic purpose. It keeps them motivated.

8   Require time alone to escalate their inner work before meeting to…

  • Feel worthyenough to handle soooo much unconditional love on a 24/7 basis.
  • Stop the battles between their head and their heart.
  • End the self-doubt about the relationship.
  • Take full advantage of their intuitive skills.
  • Get committed to an unbelievable journey of getting rid of the 3rd dimension mindset (ego) to eventually move up to the 5th (oneness).

To help with the irritation of not being able to see your true love face-to-face yet, here’s evidence they are on the way.

21 Possible Signs Your Twin Flame is on Their Way

When You…

  • Know what the term twin flame means.
  • Can feel that special someone’s energy. At first, the energy might be barely noticeable, but usually, if it’s your twin flame the energy will grow more intense.
  • Are curious about what this experience is and who or where it is coming from.
  • Have gone to psychics or past life regressionists trying to get answers.
  • Know you love this person whom you have never met with all your heart.
  • Think you are crazy and a higher source (God, Spirit, a Higher Power, Divine, or any other term you want to call it) is playing a cruel trick on you.
  • Have been bombarded with signs from the universe and synchronicities (along with the feelings) urging you to have faith.
  • Become willing to do anything and everything to be with this person.
  • Get angry with yourself for wanting something so out of reach.
  • Are able to pick up this person’s thoughts and have telepathic conversations with them.
  • Consider your connection with this person a priority.
  • Sometimes feel this person touching you without the use of their physical body.
  • Doubt yourself a lot.
  • All of a sudden, know certain things about this person or your relationship you didn’t before—as if pieces were falling into place.
  • Experience extreme mood changes with no visible reason. One minute you are happy, and a second later you are extremely depressed.
  • Go through spells of feeling inadequate or undeserving of a relationship with this person.
  • Find friends and family, as much as they try, don’t understand your attraction to someone you haven’t met.
  • Had dreams that gave you more clues about the relationship with this person.
  • Notice yourself becoming more spiritual and psychic.
  • Have a desire to take notes and write about your journey.
  • Want to be with this person more and more every step of the way.

To Shorten the Quest Timeline

Another thing that can help end the frustration of not physically meeting your twin flame yet is doing your inner work. Whatever inner work you can get yourself to do will benefit you greatly.

Doing Inner Work Before Meeting Your Twin Flame Will Help…

  • Make the twin flame journey soooo much easier on you.
  • Shorten the timeline for a happy outcome.
  • Allow you to enjoy and appreciate your twin flame journey.
  • Make you feel more connected to your twin flame and that higher source.
  • Let that higher source know you are ready to experience the most rewarding relationship humanly possible.
  • Give you the tools to navigate the twists, turns, ups, and downs of the twin flame relationship. It also gives you the time to practice them.
  • Clear the path for you to optimize your intuition or inner guidance with everything in your life.
  • Teach you how to focus on what you want in the future and not what you don’t have in the present.
  • Reduce the doubt and fear about the relationship.
  • Show you how to let go of trying to control what actually happens and instead learn to control your thoughts and feelings about what happens.
  • Make you feel worthyand deserving of an amazing, mind-blowing relationship like this.
  • Keep you from getting impatient and trying to make the physical union happen sooner than it’s supposed to.
  • Hopefully bypass the runner/chaser pattern so many twin flames experience.
  • Develop faith in the process of having a relationship that is based on unconditional love.
  • Create a sense of feeling safe and loved for your twin flame, whoever and wherever they are.

Whatever inner work you can get yourself to do will help! Doing inner work is a magnet that physically attracts your twin flame to you.

 Reasons Why INFJs Can Chase Their Twin Flame Before They Meet

The INFJ personality type can start chasing or moving towards their twin flame way before they meet, or even before they know who they are. Before we look in depth at why they can chase their twin flame before they meet, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, INFJs have a desire for an extremely deep, all-consuming, heartfelt relationship. Secondly, they are the most spiritual out of the 16 personality types. Intuitive insights come so natural to them that many INFJs think they are weird and spend years trying to be “normal” like most of the population.

More Reasons Why INFJs Can Chase Their Twin Flame Before They Meet…

INFJs tend to…


INFJs usually believe everything is joined, which causes them to go out and search for evidence of connections. That, in itself, can start the chase or move them towards their twin flame.


INFJs often get a glimpse of things that will happen in the future, including their relationships.


INFJs usually go after or move toward what they are interested in.  They usually want to know absolutely everything about their twin flame.


INFJs can easily pick up on their twin flame’s energy, emotions, and thoughts, giving them clues about their relationship.


INFJs usually operate from intuition or inner guidance, and can suddenly “know” things about their twin flame, such as their name or their whereabouts—as if pieces are falling into place and moving them in the direction of their twin flame.


INFJs can be bombarded with signs from the universe, giving them clues and keeping them focused on pursuing their twin flame connection.

To Sum Everything Up

Trust in the process! When it is perfect for everyone involved, including current partners, you will physically meet. In the meantime, try to enjoy this amazing spiritual journey.

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