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Love in the 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimension

Some people think love is as simple as having someone to depend on when we need them. Others believe love is having similar interests and a companion to do things with. Yet others go beyond these definitions, taking a spiritual route to find the extreme meaning of love.

Years ago, when I was having a deep conversation with a friend, I shared my desire of becoming one with someone. She looked at me like I was crazy and responded, “Well, I have no desire to ever do that!”


Each Dimension Defines Love Differently. Here’s how…

3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension tries to CONTROL LOVE. This mindset thinks love is the ability to control behaviors with expectations, fear, compromise, sacrifice, obligations, promises, and most of all, guilt.

Love is also about having SOMEONE SPECIAL of their very own, whether they call them my husband, my best friend, my mother or my twin flame. Here’s the important part! If by chance, those special people are missing in their life, this mindset believes they need to go out into the world to find them in order to have love.


The 3rd dimension looks for having someone that….

  • Makes them feel good by saying and doing things they like.
  • Fills a need or void in their life, such as the need for security.
  • Makes promises.
  • Is willing to be different to please them.
  • They can depend on.
  • Is uncomfortable with change.
  • Apologizes for wrongdoings.
  • Makes compromises and sacrifices.


4th Dimension

The 4th dimension believes love is a FEELING that reveals itself when it is extended to others. This mindset thinks love is the ability to control the love they feel with their own loving thoughts, being grateful, forgiving, and using their inner guidance.

Instead of trying to find someone special like the 3rd dimension, the 4th dimension is about EXTENDING LOVE no matter who it is with.

The 4th dimension focuses on….

  • Being happy no matter what anyone else says or does.
  • Not needing to control behaviors of others or themselves to feel better.
  • Making few promises, if any.
  • Following their inner guide, God’s voice or a Higher Power.
  • Forgiving and not taking things so seriously.
  • Practicing being grateful daily.
  • Observing their fearful and attacking thoughts. Then replacing them with loving thoughts as soon as possible.
  • Taking full responsibility for their ability to feel good.
  • Learning to love unconditionally. That means practicing not letting any condition what-so-ever, tempt them into not loving, not even for a minute.


5th Dimension

The 5th dimension is something to aspire to. I think we have all caught a glimpse of what ONENESS feels like, but were unable to stay in it for more than a few moments, if that. This mindset focuses on accepting everything and everyone to the point that nothing is separate.



It doesn’t matter what dimension you are in if you are fulfilled. But if you aren’t satisfied, try exploring another dimension and changing your mindset.

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