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Missing Someone & 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimension

We’ve all missed someone at some time or another. Most of us just assume that it is natural to miss those we care for when they aren’t around. It’s supposed to be a form of endearment for our loved one, right? But, is it really?

Let’s take a deeper look at “missing someone” in each dimension…


3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension is based on CONDITIONAL LOVE. This means loving  someone centers around what they say and do for you.

This mindset is grounded in the PHYSICAL: what we see, hear, and touch. So, it makes sense that this is the only dimension of the three that actually can “miss someone.”


Reasons to Miss someone…


1   Use it as a clever and indirect method to get that person to come back or do what we want them to.

2   Make them feel guilty or wrong for what they did or didn’t do.

3   Strengthen our dependency and neediness on another person, thinking that is intimacy.

4   Make their actions (or lack thereof) responsible for our current happiness.

5   Place blame on them, ourselves, or God for them not being around.

6   Prove change hurts.

7   Distract us and help up neglect our own inner work.



4th Dimension

The 4th dimension focuses on FORGIVING and not letting anything hurt them in anyway. This includes things others are or aren’t doing, and what they did or didn’t do.

This mindset pays attention to their THOUGHTS and how they FEEL. They understand missing someone hardly ever makes anyone feel good.


Other Facts About the 4th Dimension…


1  Take responsibility for their own happiness whether their loved one is with them or not.

2   Don’t want anyone to feel bad for what they are or aren’t doing, or what they did or didn’t do.

3   Accept change, knowing everything works in everyone’s highest good.

4   Use their inner guide, God or Higher Power to fill their needs, not someone else.


5th Dimension

Missing someone is IMPOSSIBLE in the 5th dimension. This mindset knows there is no loss, ever. They feel the oneness with God or a Higher Power, and everyone, including those who have passed on.

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