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What Does Twin Flame Energy Feel Like?

I’ve asked a few of my twin flame coaching clients what the energy felt like. Most of them, like me, had to think about it for a long time before we could put it into words.  We all agreed that the twin flame energy was hard to describe, extremely intense, and unlike anything, we have experienced before with any other relationship. Here’s what we came up with…

Twin Flame Energy Can Feel Like…

  • Sensational bolts of energy running through our body.
  • Our heart center has expanded so much that it seems like it can burst at any minute.
  • The strongest magnet in the world is pulling us towards our twin.
  • Every cell in our body is pulsating and alive.
  • An expanding warmth.
  • An indescribable deep love.
  • Our entire body feels expansive and tingling.

It Can Also…

  • Grab our attention so forcefully that it’s extremely difficult to concentrate on anything else.
  • Make us so eager to be with our twin that we feel like a child jumping up and down, waving our hands in the air with anticipated excitement.


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