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Detaching & Twin Flame Relationships

Has someone told that you need to let your love interest go and move on? That’s a good suggestion for people in obsessive relationships. Most of them wouldn’t think of detaching from their love interest. They are always manipulating and pushing to make the relationship happen.

However, if you are in a genuine twin flame relationship, you most likely have already tried detaching or separating dozens of times. The intensity of the energy can get so strong, we’ll do anything to try to get away from it, and have.

I use to be really good at detaching. I’ve known for a long time that hanging on can repel something I want. Once I released something, it would either come back to me, or something better would take its place. It always worked before, until I tried letting go of my twin.

So far, every attempt I have made to separate and move on has been excruciatingly painful. It has whirled me into a tailspin—downward into the darkest fear and depression I’ve ever experienced.

I went a week once, trying to separate from my twin, blocking her energy, allowing no thoughts about her, and having internet or social media contact.  It got worse each day, until I was begging God to die. I truly thought the only way to escape the pain was for my life to end.

Every time, the minute I give in and embrace my twin flame again, I get relief. Attempting to detach is as hard as trying to separate the backside of a dollar bill from the front side.

What We CAN Detach From…  

Maybe we can’t separate from our twin flame, but we can detach from 3rd dimension mindset. The 3rd dimension is a way of life that supports needing things to work out a certain way. In fact, most, if not all our suffering in our twin flame relationship comes from staying attached to the 3rd dimension.

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