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Busyness & 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions

Have you noticed how popular texting is? Easy and fast, right? Who has  time for an actual conversation? By chance, if we do talk to an acquaintance, the first thing out of our mouth is, “I’ve been real busy.”

I recently had a coaching client confess that she thought she broke a bone in her hand, just so she would slow down.

Really? Are we getting so overloaded and out of control we have to sabotage ourselves in some way to take a break?

Maybe learning about mindsets will help you understand what’s causing all this busyness…


3rd Dimensional Mindset

The 3rd Dimension is based on DOING and being PRODUCTIVE. People in this mindset believe they need to earn their worthiness and need to be busy to feel successful. Those operating with this mindset make a contribution by using physical effort and their time.



When we…

  • Live life like a race, always running from one thing to another.
  • Have pride or brag about being busy.
  • Feel everything is important.
  • Over or double schedule.
  • Are afraid of downtime.
  • Have thoughts that are in constant disarray, are forgetful, have a difficult time making decisions, or have trouble sleeping.
  • Tend to be messy.
  • Feel pressured to squeeze in more.
  • Are jealous of people who have leisure and quiet time.
  • Don’t ask for help.
  • People please.
  • Focus on meeting expectations of others.
  • Multi-task.


4th Dimensional Mindset

The 4th Dimension is based on THINKING and FEELING GOOD. People in this mindset have found out that thoughts and attitudes have a huge effect on the amount of physical effort needed to accomplish anything and the quality of the experience they have in the process. They feel worthy just because they exist. Those operating with this mindset make a contribution with mental effort like sharing ideas, having a positive outlook, and being an example for others.



When we…

  • Consider quality more important than how busy we are.
  • Notice projects no longer have to take a lot of time.
  • Pay attention to our inner guidance or intuition for short cuts and to set our priorities.
  • Slow down and enjoy the process of every activity.
  • Make time daily, even for a few minutes, for leisure and quiet time.
  • Are more creative.
  • Have thoughts that are mindful and focused, which makes it easy to make decisions and sleep at night.



5th Dimensional Mindset

The 5th Dimension is based on ACCEPTING and WATCHING it being done for us. People in this mindset are hardly ever busy. Everyone is worthy because they are an important part of the oneness.



When we spend our time…

  • In constant communication with our inner guidance or intuition.
  • Thinking loving thoughts about ourselves, others, and everything else.
  • Being grateful.
  • Accepting everyone and everything.
  • Watching the Higher Power or God orchestrate a plan for us without our effort—a plan that is so perfect it takes our breath away.


How to Stop Being Crazy Busy!

All that is needed to stop being crazy busy in the 3rd dimension is the desire to move up to the 4th and 5th dimensions, where life is so much easier and rewarding. Don’t worry about how to DO it!  Your inner guidance or intuition will be your guide. The only thing you need to DO is want it.

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