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How to Make Your Twin Flame Relationship a Horrible Experience

After a while you’ll realize you can’t break up and if you do temporarily, you can’t stop thinking about your twin flame. I think everyone comes to the realization that the only control we really have in this relationship is whether this will be the worst experience we have ever had or the best experience.

Here are Some Ways to Make it an Awful Experience…


  1. Fight it. Listen to all your friends and try to be normal. Go out with other people and make yourself enjoy it. Cut off all ties and do your damnedest not to think about your twin. The longer you can last, the more painful it gets.


  1. Don’t ever ask God or a Higher Power for help. Go with the concept “God only helps those who help themselves.”


  1. Insist on making promises, try really hard to keep them, and feel guilty when you break them. To make it even worse, expect your twin to do the same.


  1. Leave a trail of unforgiven relationships, such as ex’s, family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Make it a point to bad mouth them, think about revenge, or avoid them like the plague. Think that anger and keeping grudges has nothing to do with the success of your twin flame relationship.


  1. Don’t bother with being grateful for your twin flame relationship. It’s best to stay focused on things that are not going the way you want them too.


  1. Tell your twin what he/she is doing wrong or at least think about it a lot. To make it worse, you could blame what your twin said and did for your separation.


  1. Make up elaborate daydreams and fantasies about the future with your twin. Don’t forget to add in exactly what will happen, who will do or say what and when. That way you will have lots of disappointments.


  1. Stay focused on what’s happening, what you can physically touch, hear with your ears, and see with your eyes. To make it even worse, think it will always be like this, you will always be separated from your twin, and there will never be a happy outcome.


  1. Be extremely skeptical about the woo-woo part of your twin flame relationship. Doubt your intuition, absolutely deny any paranormal events, and ignore even the slightest hint of telepathy with your twin. And make sure you block your true feelings, especially those from the heart. That way you will have no doubt that you have gone crazy!


  1. Stay steadfast to the belief that once your knight/dame in shining armor rides up on a white horse and rescues you, it will be bliss. To make it worse, believe that having your twin beside you will alleviate the need for further inner work.


Really! If you actually do these 10 things, either you are not in a twin flame relationship to begin with and are hell bent on sabotaging your life. Or you’re reading this from a room in a mental ward. The intense magnetic pull you have for your twin would be unbearable and it would send you over the edge.

The less excruciating thing to do is to change your mind to make this the best experience you have ever had.

Are You Ready to Make this the Best Experience?

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