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Apologizing & the 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions

Haven’t we all apologized to someone for doing something perceived as wrong? Maybe we were kids with our mother standing behind us making sure we followed through. None the less, we have all probably said “I’m sorry.”

Years ago, I began paying attention to how I felt when I said those words “I’m sorry.” I noticed I always felt crummy and inferior to the person I said it to afterwards. That led me to years of studying people’s reactions when they apologized to someone.

Here’s How Apologizing Relates to Each Dimension…


3rd Dimension Mindset

Apologizing and seeking apologies happens quite often in the 3rd dimension. Since this mindset is full of strict rules about what is right and what is wrong, placing blame, and feeling guilty, it is the perfect form of punishment.

Whether saying “I’m sorry” is heartfelt or not, it doesn’t matter much as long as the deed is done. Also, the 3rd dimension uses apologizing as a method to try to control someone’s future behaviors, which is not always successful.

Overall Purpose

To make the apologizer feel bad about what they have done.


4th Dimension Mindset

Instead of ignoring their thoughts like the previous mindset, someone operating in the 4th dimension is aware of their thinking, feelings, and insights. This causes more mindful actions. Therefore, there is less need to say “I’m sorry.”

When apologies are given, people in this mindset ask for inner guidance or a Higher Power to guide them, so their words are heartfelt and done in a way they don’t need to be hurt for making a mistake.

Overall Purpose

To use the mistake as a way to express love and forgiveness towards everyone involved.


5th Dimension Mindset

Since the 5th dimension is based on oneness and the unity consciousness, it completely dissolves the need to apologize. A Higher Power or God controls all thoughts and all actions anyone does for everyone’s highest good. The only need is to trust and ask to understand it.

Overall Purpose

To accept everyone, including ourselves, for everything all the time.


There is a way to avoid feeling lousy and less than the person you are apologizing too, and even a way to eliminate it all together, like what happens in the 5th dimension. All you have to do is ask, and listen to your intuition or inner guidance. Then try it.

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