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Daydreaming & the 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions

Everyone probably thinks about what they want their future to look like. Some spend hours a day fantasizing about some better life. I know I did. Through the years, as I did my inner work, I noticed that what I daydreamed about and how my mindset changed. The less negative I was, the better the results.

Here’s the differences of daydreaming in each dimension…

3rd Dimension

Daydreaming in the 3rd dimension is all about trying to CONTROL what they want to happen. The fantasies get really detailed, controlling exactly what will happen, who will say and do what, even where it will happen and when.

The fantasies tend to focus on some sort of revenge, correcting a wrong, or getting rid of what they don’t want.

Some Reasons for 3rd Dimension Daydreaming…


  • Rectify being unfairly treated.
  • Run away from someone or something.
  • Make someone feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do.
  • Prove that they are right.
  • One-up or be superior to someone else.
  • Get retribution for being betrayed.
  • Tell someone off.
  • Get even for a loss.
  • Want someone to be punished.


4th Dimension

Daydreams in the 4th dimension are used as a FOCAL POINT. This mindset uses daydreams to figure out where they want to go and what they want to accomplish. Instead of spending most of their time in elaborate fantasizing, this mindset uses daydreams only as a guide to stay on track.

The 4th dimensional mindset lets their positive thoughts, creativity and intuition handle the details.

Some Reasons for 4th Dimension Daydreaming…


  • Get more of something, such as money.
  • Improve something, such as relationships.
  • Create or invent something.
  • Achieve a goal.
  • Learn something.


5th Dimension

What we define as daydreaming is NON-EXISTENT in the 5th dimension. This mindset has accepted everyone and everything to feel the oneness.

Unlike the other two mindsets, nothing needs to change. Instead, those in the 5th dimension spend their time observing how everything is orchestrated in everyone’s and everythings highest good all the time. They treat everything as the perfect gift.

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