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6 Signs You are Having an Unhappy Twin Flame Journey

So, you are separate from your twin flame, or it’s not going well at all with them. How do I know? You wouldn’t be reading this if your relationship were hunky-dory and full of bliss.

Remember, having a twin flame can be the most fulfilling relationship humanly possible. But, there is a catch! In order to reap the lasting rewards of the relationship, we have to make the journey along the way the best experience we’ve ever had, not the worst.

Here’s Signs We Are Having an Unhappy Journey…

When we…

  • Feel hurt by what our twin flame did or didn’t say, or what they did or didn’t do.
  • Place all our attention on what’s NOT happening now.
  • Daydream about what we want the future with our twin to be like.
  • Put our life on hold, just waiting for him/her to contact us.
  • Secretly want our twin flame to rescue us from our current situation. (Or at least make it better.)
  • Place enormous importance in their physical body being near us. In other words, missing them.
  • Are disappointed or depressed with the response when we try to make contact with our twin.

WARNING! This next statement might be upsetting!

“You can’t have an unhappy journey lead to a happy ending.”  

Abraham Hicks

We have to choose happiness and unconditional love before we can have a happy ending with our twin flame. For a visual explanation, see my two videos Why You are Not With Your Twin Flame Now and A Twin Flame Union Explained.

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