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How Sadness Relates to the 3rd & 4th Dimensions

Most likely everyone has felt sad at one time or another. But of everyone, the 3rd dimensional mindset feels sad the most.

Here’s how Sadness Relates to the 3rd and 4th Dimensions…


1   Since the 3rd Dimension is based on rules of conduct, feeling sad as an automatic response for people in this mindset. Usually this response is triggered when they become aware with anyone or anything less fortunate than themselves. This includes others with physical ailments or disabilities, those who have been unfairly treated, and anything that can’t protect or defend itself. In other words, they feel sad that there is no way out. God picks those afflicted randomly and they are doomed to that situation.

2   The 4th dimension believes there is a way out. This mindset believes that every living thing has the power to think and that it can have an effect on the outcome.  Instead of putting their thoughts on autopilot, the 4th dimension works on training their thoughts and seeing everything from a different perspective. When they stumble, they ask God for help and to clarify what seems to be happening.


3   Because the 3rd dimension avoids changes and considers change as bad, there is a tendency to feel sad when something changes. Examples are a divorce, being laid off from a job, or an unexpected expense.

4   On the other hand, the 4th dimension welcomes change, knowing all change is for the better. This mindset knows what they desire, and believe changes are part of the process of achieving them.


5  The 3rd dimension takes what happened at face value and reacts to it, so it is easy to get caught up in how disappointed they are. Because it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to, they react by feeling sad.

6   The 4th dimension is more proactive and focuses more on their state of mind than what actually happened. They use their intuition and watch it unfold, instead of wanting it to unfold a certain way. Therefore, there is no need for disappointment.


7   Those in the 3rd dimension believe in loss, which is at the core of any need to feel sad. Let me say this again. If they didn’t believe in the concept that they could lose what they value, they could not be sad.

8   The 4th dimension tends to believe that they cannot lose what they value. Appearances may change or fade away, but the part of it that is valuable never leaves.

Say for instance, a loved one passes away. Their body ceases to function, but what is valuable, the love, never leaves. The 4th dimension trains their mind to stay focused on what is treasured the most, the love, not the container it came in. The love remains even after the love one passes away.


Most people feel hopeless, depressed, and downright unhappy when they feel sad.  Ask yourself, “Do I really want to continue feeling this way?” If not, ask God or a Higher Power to help you end feeling sad.

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