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Before INFP Personality Types Meet Their Twin Flame

INFP Myers-Briggs personality types are one of the few who look for and actually find their ultimate match, their twin flame.

In fact, INFPs usually begin searching for the “one” in their teens, if not earlier, and press on until they finally find their twin flame.

Here’s Some Signs You Are Searching for Your Twin Flame…

When you…

  • Can’t make yourself settle for a “normal” relationship. Out of all the personality types, INFPs are the most non-conforming.
  • Dream about emotional intimacy with “the one.” More than anything, INFPs tend to want a deep, authentic, amazing, mind-blowing relationship.
  • Want to experience the 5th dimension intimacy or the feeling of “being one” with your true love.
  • Seem to be on a constant adventure of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Judge yourself for wanting a relationship that is so rare and the highest connection humanly possible.
  • Try to avoid people who want to keep secrets and not tell the whole truth. INFPs gravitate towards honesty and authenticity—a necessity with a successful twin flame relationship.
  • Don’t want a lot of close friends that could possibly pull you away and distract you from searching for the “one.”
  • Enjoy the adventure of searching for a needle in a haystack. INFPs tend to love exploring, especially for their twin flame—constantly looking for clues and signs from the universe that connect the dots.
  • Are very intuitive, even if they try to dumb it down or shut it off. INFPs are extremely spiritual and naturally tend to use their intuition or inner guidance.

The Twin Flame Quest Can be Challenging

Have you searched the Internet extensively for advice from others who have not physically met their twin flame and found very little, if any, information on it? The possibility that you might be one in a million who hasn’t seen, heard, or touched your true love in person can be extremely disheartening.

Maybe you get impatient and hold onto people you’re attracted to thinking you have finally met “the one.” But in no time, the spark completely dies out.

To feel or know about your twin flame before you meet is not unusual for an INFP personality type.

Why Can the Twin Flame Quest be Soooo Challenging?

INFPs tend to…

1   Believe everything is connected, especially at the soul level.

2   Be searching to see how all the pieces are joined together.

3   Move towards experiences that awaken and intensify feelings of passion and deeper meaning.

4   Need time to explore and experience other relationships before actually meeting “the one.” Believe it or not, this really helps make their twin flame connection stronger.

7   Be spiritual and delve into deeper, more mysterious experiences.

8   Require time alone to increase their inner work before meeting to…

  • Feel worthyenough to handle soooo much unconditional love on a steady basis.
  • Learn how to not give up their freedom and flexibility in relationships.
  • End their pattern of judging and punishing themselves.
  • Take full advantage of their incredible intuitive abilities.
  • Get committed to an amazing adventure of releasing the 3rd dimension mindset (ego) to ultimately move up to the 5th dimension (oneness).

To help with the challenge of not being able to see your true love in person yet, here’s evidence they are on the way.

20 Possible Signs Your Twin Flame is on Their Way

When You…

  • Can easily feel that special person’s energy. In the beginning, the energy might be hardly noticeable, but it usually grows more intense with time if they are your twin flame.
  • Have a desire to search, travel, and explore to find your true love in person.
  • Know you absolutely love this person who you have never met, more than anyone ever.
  • Get irritated that you are not able to physically see, hear, or touch your true love.
  • Strongly believe that you could be going crazy and that the higher source (God, Spirit, a Higher Power, or any other term you want to call it) is playing a cruel trick on you.
  • Keep this connection close to heart, cautious of others’ criticism.
  • Have gotten several signs from the universe and synchronicities (along with the feelings) urging you to have faith.
  • Become willing to do anything and everything to be with this person, even though you don’t know who they are yet.
  • Let your imagination go wild thinking about future possibilities.
  • Have visions or experience mental movies of your true love or the upcoming relationship.
  • Are able to be aware of the person’s thoughts and might even be able to have telepathic conversations with them.
  • Can even experience touching this person without the use of your physical body.
  • Judge yourself a lot for dreaming about this relationship.
  • Suddenly know things about this person or your relationship you didn’t before.
  • Experience extreme mood changes with no visible reason. One moment you are enjoying life, and a second later you are depressed.
  • Have times you feel inadequate or undeserving of a relationship with this special person.
  • Have had sleeping dreams about this person that gave you more clues about your relationship.
  • Notice yourself becoming more spiritual and psychic as time passes.
  • Find yourself trying to communicate with this person through your creativity.
  • Want to be with this person more and more with each step of the process.

To Shorten the Quest Timeline

Another thing that can lessen the challenge of not physically meeting your twin flame yet is doing your inner work. It will benefit you greatly.

Doing Inner Work Before Meeting Your Twin Flame Will Help…

  • Shorten the timeline for a happy outcome.
  • Allow you to enjoy and appreciate your entire experience.
  • Make you feel even more connected to your true love and the higher source.
  • Let the higher source know you are ready and willing to experience the most rewarding relationship for a human.
  • Give you the means to maneuver through the twists, turns, ups, and downs of the twin flame relationship. It also gives you the time to practice them.
  • Prepare you to utilize your intuition or inner guidance more than you ever have with everything in your life.
  • Show you how to concentrate on the feelings you want to experience in the relationship and not focus on what you don’t have now.
  • Minimize your doubt and fear about the relationship.
  • Maintain or improve the creativity, freedom, and flexibility you require.
  • Make you feel deserving and worthy of an extraordinary, incredible relationship like this.
  • Guide you to use your imagination so you won’t be disappointed when it plays out in real life.
  • Develop faith in this unfolding adventure.
  • Alleviate judging yourself.
  • Take your ongoing need to explore to a higher, more rewarding level.
  • Develop a sense of feeling safe and loved coming from your true love, whoever and wherever they are.
  • Doing inner work is magnetic and has the power to attract your twin flame to you.

Reasons Why INFPs Can Run from Their Twin Flame Before They Meet

Before Myers-Briggs INFP personality types meet their twin flame in person, or even before they know who that person is, they can start mentally and spiritually running away. Before we look in depth at why they can run away from their twin flame before they physically meet, there are two main things you need to know about INFPs.

What You Need to Know…


First, INFPs are one of the few of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types who crave emotional intimacy and dream about finding their true love or twin flame. Most personality types have no desire for an extremely deep, genuine, wholehearted relationship like INFPs do.

Secondly, INFPs are extremely spiritual. They are born with the ability to pick up even the slightest intuitive insights, especially with close connections.

Why INFPs Can Run from Their Twin Flame Before They Meet…

INFPs tend to…


INFPs can telepathically pick up on their twin flame’s energy, emotions, and thoughts long before they actually meet. But they can get overwhelmed by the intensity, not knowing how to handle it, or how to proceed. This may cause them to mentally or spiritually retreat.


INFPs are introverts and usually need to have plenty of reflection time and the ability to examine ALL their options before choosing just one direction.


Even though INFPs can feel their twin flame’s energy, emotions, and thoughts, most of their intuitive insights come from external exploration—what they see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. So, it can be frustrating for them to not see physical evidence of their twin flame yet.  This might cause them to doubt themselves and their feelings, and try to detach from them.


Of all the personality types, INFPs are the most independent, cherishing their freedom and flexibility. They may want to run away from anything that has the possibility of taking that away from them.


INFPs usually judge themselves a lot. Because they tend to be perfectionists, they have a very high bar to live up to that cannot always be achieved. That might cause them to feel unworthy or not deserving of the deep, true love relationship they want so badly.

To Sum Everything Up

Trust in the adventure! When it is perfect timing for everyone, including current partners and the children, you will physically meet. In the meantime, try to have fun with this amazing spiritual journey.

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