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Things that Block Your Intuition or the Higher Power’s Voice

I often hear “I can’t tell if it is my intuition or not.” If you are someone who thinks or says this, this blog is for you.

Sometimes just knowing what can block our intuition or the Higher Power’s guidance will make a world of difference in our ability to be aware of it. Then if we can make an effort to change our frame of mind, even slightly, it will help a lot more.

6 Big Things that Block Your Intuition or the Higher Power’s Guidance…


Using stress relievers is a huge intuition blocker and probably the most widespread. Stress relievers could be anything that we use for the purpose of numbing or diverting anxiety. That could be food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, binge-watching, texting, social media, or hundreds of other things.

The problem is that stress relievers also numb and divert the one thing that can put an end to our anxiety altogether—our intuition or the Higher Power’s guidance.

2   ANGER-

Most of the time it doesn’t seem like we are angry, but we could easily be seething underneath the surface. We get angry when we expect ourselves, someone else, or anything else to be different than it is. In other words, we get pissed when things don’t go the way we want them to.

As long as we are angry, we want to take control of what happens, and are not in the least interested in receiving intuitive insights or the Higher Power’s guidance.


Nowadays having opinions has become the new “normal.” Sometimes opinions are only choices or preferences. But other times opinions are judgments that lock up our mind and make any other opinion “wrong.”

If we are adamant about something being “wrong,” it leaves no room for any other way of looking at it. In order to be aware of intuitive insights or the Higher Power’s guidance, we have to get more open-minded or “neutral” with the subject.


In the last decade, most of us have strived to be more productive and to keep busy. Somewhere along the way we got into thinking the busier we are, the happier we are. Then we spend lots of money on stress relievers just to keep up the pace, such as caffeine and energy drinks.

The longer the to-do list, the more likely we are to not take time and slow down to get intuitive insights or the Higher Power’s guidance.


The feeling of unworthiness comes from judging our past behaviors as “wrong” or judging who we are as “bad.” The problem with judging is that it goes hand in hand with punishment. We cannot do one without the other.

Our desire to judge and punish ourselves has then overshadowed any intuitive insights or the Higher Power’s guidance that might try to shine through.

6   FEAR-

Many of us use fear to stop us. We think by not doing that thing that brought the fear on, it makes the fear go away. But, does it go away? Every time we think about doing that thing again, the fear is still there trying to paralyze us.

To get rid of the fear, we have to do the thing we are afraid of. Otherwise, we continue to live with the fear and the regrets that it causes.

Instead of being guided by the fear, ask your intuition or the Higher Power’s guidance to take over.

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