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Are You Having a Hard Time Detaching from Your Twin Flame?

Are you one of those who have tried dozens of times to let go of your twin flame? Maybe you are in a constant pattern of breaking up, then making up. Perhaps you are tired of disappointing loved ones who are urging you to move on.

3 Things You Need to Know About Detaching

1  Urging You to “Let Go”

Most of your loved ones, even some psychics, therapists—and can you believe it—twin flame coaches think your relationship has gone over the deep end. They often assume it’s one of those dysfunctional obsessive relationships that you read about. For a while, they gently urge you to move on and eventually end up rolling their eyes every you talk about your relationship.

2  Really Tried Detaching

If you haven’t honestly tried dozens of times to detach from your twin flame, you probably have NOT met your twin flame yet, or you are in one of those dysfunctional obsessive relationships. Actual twin flames almost always fight against being in the relationship.

3  It’s Impossible to Do

It would be possible to detach if that meant not being physically near each other. That’s a whole lot easier, even if you have to move away. But physical proximity is only a tiny portion of the relationship.

It would also be possible to detach if you were trying to use the other person to fulfill your needs or fantasies, like most dysfunctional obsessive relationships. Most of the time all you have to do is work on feeling worthy of something better and get the courage to break the relationship pattern.

But with twin flames, it’s different. Almost all, if not all, of the twin flame relationship is grounded firmly on the intense connection between the two and their uncanny ability to experience each other’s thoughts and emotions telepathically. At this level, detaching involves “letting go” of yourself, which is impossible.

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