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Want More Clarity with Your Twin Flame Relationship?

Are you getting confused between your own intense feelings for your twin flame and what they say and do? Are they proclaiming their undying love in one minute and then running in the next? Sometimes you might not be seeing enough evidence to know you are not making the whole thing up. Sometimes it might feel like the higher source is just messing with you.

Signs You Need More Clarity with Your Twin Flame Relationship

When you…

  • Are confused by the mixed messages you’re getting from your twin flame.
  • Have doubts about the validity of the relationship.
  • Lack the intuitive skills to have faith and still feel the connection during the relationship’s rough spots.

One of the ways to get more clarity with the relationship, especially in the runner/chaser phases, is to hone your telepathic skills. Find out how to be aware of what your twin flame is really thinking deep down and feel your connection to them, instead of relying on what they say and do.

I have a Twin Flame Telepathy eBook. It shows you how to improve your ability to sense your twin flame’s thoughts and emotions. For more details.

Also, check out the Twin Flame Self-study Course. It shows you how to shorten the timeline and navigate the relationship for a happy outcome. For more details.

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