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20 Signs You Are Not Taking Advantage of Your Telepathic Ability

Sometimes the way to improve our ability to pick up others’ true thoughts and emotions is to become aware of how it is affecting our emotional state of mind. This list is for those who are tired of being hurt by what others say and do.

Here’s Signs We Are Not Taking Advantage of Our Telepathic or Mind Reading Abilities…   


When we…

  • Are often blindsided by others’ actions.
  • Give others the benefit of our doubts.
  • Can’t tell if others are telling the truth.
  • Constantly worry about what others think of us.
  • Are easily deceived or misled by others.
  • Let others hurt our feelings.
  • Wonder why others tend to take advantage of us.
  • Take others’ emotional outbursts personal.
  • Second-guess ourselves.
  • Are often baffled or confused by others’ actions.



When we…

  • Put others on a pedestal.
  • Don’t experience “aha” moments of clarity.
  • Deep down don’t want to know the truth—afraid that the truth will hurt us.
  • Are constantly using something to relieve our stress, such as food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, binge-watching, texting, social media, video games, over-exercising, or hundreds of other things.
  • Argue, fight, and have misunderstandings with others.
  • Try to talk ourselves into something.
  • Secretly love to play innocent or stupid—mainly to place the blame on others.
  • Would rather ignore or deny the red flags.
  • Have habits we are not willing to give up, such as automatically trying to please others.
  • Claim we don’t know how to listen to our intuition or inner guidance, and that we are not aware of anyone’s thoughts or emotions without them expressing them.

Now What?

The first step is acknowledging that we are aware, even if it’s slightly, of others’ thoughts and emotions without having them lash out at us.

It’s easy—the more of these signs we identify with, the more we have ignored our telepathic ability and have let it impact the quality of our life.

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