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What are the Main Priorities in a Twin Flame Relationship?

No matter how strong our desire is to physically be with our twin flame, there are three priorities we need to master before anything long lasting can take ahold. Without this focus, the relationship will continue to be frustrating, be an emotional roller coaster, or constantly go in and out of the runner/chaser pattern.

The 3 Main Priorities in a Twin Flame Relationship…

1   The number one priority is to build a really close relationship with that higher source that guides us towards twin flame union. This higher source can…

  • Solve any problem in the relationship so everyone wins.
  • Orchestrate when and how events will happen in the relationship.
  • Know when we are ready for more love and happiness.
  • Give us intuitive insights and signs from the universe along the journey.

2   Another important priority is paying attention to our thoughts and perceptions, changing negative ones to positive ones as soon as possible. In other words, moving our mindset from the 3rd dimension mindset (ego) to mostly in 4th Dimension mindset. This minimizes our sabotaging tendencies in the relationship.

3   The last priority that’s really important is to learn how to unconditionally love our twin flame. This is a lot harder than it seems. This means we learn to not let anything that our twin flame does or doesn’t do, or says or doesn’t say irritate us in anyway whatsoever.

What’s Not a Priority?

Since we want to be physically near our twin flame soooo much, we can easily spend time wishing and dreaming about “how” and “when” we will be with them again, and forecasting what will happen then. THIS IS NOT A PRIORITY!

To Sum It Up

If we focus on mastering the three main priorities, the journey will be so much more enjoyable that the wait will seem like only an instant.

Are You Ready to Master the 3 Twin Flame Relationship Priorities?

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