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When Does Twin Flame Chasing Become a Little Creepy?

Chasers usually feel the incredible pull of their twin flame connection easily, which causes them to start moving towards it. We will do anything and everything to get our twin flame in our arms. But sometimes, we can let our chasing become a little creepy.

What Can Start the Descent into Creepiness

When our chasing becomes a constant habit, it’s becoming weird and is not really beneficial in bringing about our twin flame union. In fact, the continual habit of chasing can put us in a comfort zone which can continue for years and years. Obviously, we are ignoring a higher source’s guidance and intuitive insights when we prefer our chasing habit.

What Advances the Descent into Creepiness

Being enamored and absolutely fascinated with our twin flame as an individual with a physical body can escalate creepiness. This includes our twin flame’s appearance, behaviors, personality traits, or anything we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. This tends to exclude the intense connection, our part in it, any intuitive insights, and the out-of-this-world feelings in the relationship.

Signs Twin Flame Chasing Has Become a Little Creepy

When we…

  • Get no responses, but continue to reach out to our twin flame either in-person, by voice, or by written word.
  • Reach out with all sorts of excuses why we are doing it. For instance, claiming we are worried about them or one of their loved ones. Or we want to help them understand why we did what we did or said what we said.
  • Talk to others about our twin flame’s appearance, their personality, why they are perfect for us, or what they say or don’t say, or what they do or don’t do.
  • Often try to guess what our twin flame is doing in the moment or what their day consists of.
  • Notice others trying to change the subject, roll their eyes, disappear, or ask us to stop talking about our twin flame.
  • Check our twin flame’s social media posts more than once a day.
  • Know our twin flame’s movements so well that they’ve become predictable patterns.
  • Create imaginary conversations between ourselves and our twin flame.
  • Liking or commenting on practically every post on our twin flame’s social media.
  • Intentionally try to run into our twin flame.
  • Develop elaborate fantasies about a future life with our twin flame.
  • Can give a detailed description of who we think our twin flame is, including personality characteristics, appearance, likes and dislikes, routines, and body movements.
  • Want to question our twin flame’s friends and family about them.
  • Have been ghosted on social media by our twin flame or have had our twin flame change their phone number and make it unlisted.
  • Know our twin flame is frightened of us.
  • Have been told by our twin flame not to reach out to them, and we ignore it.

To Sum It Up

If our chasing has gotten a little creepy at times, then all we have to do is…

1   Slow down, ask, and follow our intuition or inner guide before we reach out or fall into our chasing habits.

2  Take our focus off of our twin flame’s physical body and instead pay more attention to the feelings we are experiencing in the relationship.

3   Get into doing the inner work that is needed to improve the relationship.


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