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Signs You are Ready for a Twin Flame Relationship

It’s very unlikely you yourself will ever be able to manifest or materialize your twin flame (see my blog “Can You Manifest Your Twin Flame?”), but you can become a magnet that attracts them into your awareness.

Here’s Signs You are Ready for a Twin Flame Relationship…

When You…

1   Strongly believe in a higher source (God, a Higher Power, your Guides, Source, Spirit, the Universe, Divine, or whatever term you want to call it).

2   Desire a deep connection with a romantic partner—one that is miraculous and awe-inspiring for eternity.  It’s when you crave relationship intimacy at the highest level humanly possible.

3   Have a habit of forgiving events, situations, or disagreements you have had in the past. That includes your own actions, those of past partners, or anyone else.

4   Are willing to give up numbing your feelings. This could be with food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, or the hundreds of any other ways.

5   Are not always needing to be in a physical relationship with someone.

6   Don’t need to see things with your five senses—what you see, hear, touch, taste, or smell—to believe them.

7   Aren’t concerned with fitting in or belonging. There is a strong desire to be independent from others and you have no desire to be “normal.”

8   Have experienced psychic insights, telepathy, paranormal events, undeniable signs from the universe, visions, sensing energy, lucid dreams, or astral projections from others or associated with certain events.

9   Are willing to give up traditional rules, regulations, and obligations others have established. Instead, you rely on your intuition or inner guidance.

10   Try to be honest and authentic whenever possible.

11   Want to experience the 5th dimension or feeling of “oneness.”

12   Are willing to do any inner work that is required to attract and keep your twin flame. The twin flame journey requires never-ending spiritual and personal growth.

13   Feel worthy enough to handle soooo much unconditional love.

Are You Ready to Attract Your Twin Flame Relationship?

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I’ve just added intuition eBooks for two of the Myers-Briggs personality types that are common for twin flames, INFJ and INFP.   

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