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How to Hire Spiritual Help with Your Twin Flame Relationship

Having a twin flame is so popular now that there are gobs of spiritual people out there willing to help you in your journey. Here are some helpful tips to help navigate and shorten your path for a happy outcome.

Things You Need to Know About Hiring Spiritual Help…


No one can hunt down “the one” for you, guarantee union with your twin flame, or wave a magic wand so the runner/chaser pattern will be over. Nor can they do your spiritual inner work for you, no matter how good they are at what they do.

Can they help teach you spiritual practices and give you insights to make your journey easier and the process more enjoyable? YES.

Only You Can…

  • End your doubt and worry about the relationship.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and the impact they have on your relationship.
  • Increase your faith in a higher source (God, Higher Power, Divine, Spirit, or whatever term you want to use).
  • Have the willingness to let go of your ego (3rd dimension mindset).
  • Feel worthy of such an out-of-this-world relationship.
  • Receive and follow your intuition, or inner guidance.
  • Constantly unconditionally love your twin flame no matter what they do or don’t do, or say or don’t say.


Most twin flames, especially the chasers, end up shelling out tons of money for help along their twin flame journey. There is nothing wrong with that.

But the adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always hold true. In fact, there’s a real good chance the extra money won’t live up to your expectations. Instead, practice using your intuition or inner guidance before making a commitment, especially if it will require even a little financial hardship. Let’s make this clear! Your intuition wouldn’t require you go into debt to get help with your twin flame journey.


Unless you are out for the adventure of something new (INFP personality types often look for new experiences), then find a spiritual helper that has a specialty that fits your core beliefs. I often have potential coaching clients read my twin flame section to see if it resonates with them.

Anyone you are truly excited to work with or feel a real connection to would probably be beneficial to your twin flame journey.


Whether you are thinking of hiring a psychic, a coach, or some other kind of spiritual helper, it would be extremely beneficial if they were experiencing a twin flame relationship themselves.

Something else! Reconsider hiring anyone who doesn’t give you an in-depth bio, a photo of themselves, or has vague or unclear material online. That could mean they are afraid of revealing who they are. Check and double-check your intuition on this one.

If the person you are considering is certified from a twin flame coaching program, then they may be limited to what they were trained to do.

Are You Ready to Get Some Help with Your Twin Flame Relationship?

I have a twin flame self-study course shows you how to shorten the timeline and navigate the relationship for a happy outcome. For more details.

Or read my blogs and videos, visit the Twin Flame Section on my website.

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