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24 Signs Twin Flames are Far from a Happy Outcome

This list is pretty lofty for any human, let alone two individuals. But if one or both of you have most of these signs, you probably have a lot of inner work to do for a lasting, amazing, out-of-this-world twin flame relationship. On the other hand, if you have very few of these signs, then you probably are not even reading this blog, being so enlightened.

Here are Some Signs Your Twin Flame Relationship is Far from a Happy Outcome…

When one or both individuals…

1   Try to change who they are or their body to please their twin flame.

2   Have no desire to believe in a higher source, whether it’s God, Spirit, Source, Higher Power, Divine, or any other term you want to use.

3   Are afraid to tell their twin flame the whole truth.

4   Don’t have respect for their twin flame or don’t feel respected by them.

5   Have a habit of focusing on their faults or what they’re doing wrong.

6   Are verbally name calling their twin flame, such as “stupid,” “crazy,” or a “narcissist.”

7   Find it difficult to accept praise, appreciation, or kindness from anyone.

8   Use a numbing device to distract themselves and diminish their ability to feel. This could be food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, socializing, binge watching, overworking, texting, or any of the hundreds of other things used to numb feelings.

9   Claim they don’t know how to listen to their inner guidance or intuition.

10   Think their twin flame’s opinions are more important than their own.

11   Don’t think they deserve what they want.

12   Lack the willingness to forgive themselves or their twin flame.

13   Are critical of themselves.

14   Aren’t aware of the signs the universe is giving them to help guide their twin flame journey.

15   Have plenty of regrets.

16   Find themselves sacrificing and compromising more often than not.

17   Feel intimidated or inferior around their twin flame.

18   Have no desire to become more spiritual or improve their psychic abilities.

19   Try to make either one doubt or feel bad about themselves.

20   Believe punishment is required for past mistakes.

21   Feel they would be worthier if they looked, spoke, or acted differently.

22   Feel guilty and apologize often.

23   Haven’t experienced bouts of telepathy with their twin flame.

24   Constantly worry about what they did or did not do.

As you read these signs, you probably noticed the ability for both to feel worthy and deserving plays a big part in a happy outcome with your twin flame. Other things required are substantially improving intuitive abilities, and operating mostly from the 4rd dimension mindset, instead of the 3rd dimension mindset.

Don’t Lose Hope!

Don’t worry if your twin flame has quite a few of these! Because you are ONE, the less of these signs you have brings your twin flame up with you.

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