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3 Concepts to Know to Feel Worthy of an Amazing Relationship

I’ve noticed in my life that the type of relationships that I have only reflect my feeling of worthiness at the time. And the ability to hold onto those amazing relationships is directly related to my need to sabotage it. When my “I’m not good enoughs” start outweighing my “I deserve its,” then the relationship crumbles and we break up.

Through my own experience, observing others, and in my life coaching practice, I have studied a few amazing, some good, and a whole lot of bad relationships. My conclusion is this…

Anyone can have an amazing relationship if they want it bad enough and are willing to do the inner work to attract and keep it.

Here’s 3 Concepts to Know to Feel Worthy of an Amazing Relationship…


It’s so easy to think we just haven’t found the right one. Or to get wrapped up in feeling sorry for ourselves because we haven’t found our soul mate or twin flame.

Before you spend a lifetime stuck in the boo-hoo’s praying and waiting for a relationship to rescue you—or as Jerry Maguire says to “complete you,” think about this…

The only thing that can improve the quality of our relationships is our own thoughts.

When we first meet someone, it seems we found the perfect person. But soon, the newness starts wearing off and our judging, and not-so-positive thoughts start creeping in to ruin it.

So, the first concept for an amazing relationship is to…

Realize only you can make yourself happy.

When we do our inner work and take responsibility for our own happiness, we not only feel complete, but brimming with plenty leftover. The fact is, we attract and have amazing relationships when we are already full and have the desire to share the extras with someone special.


This is probably the hardest concept to grasp, much less believe in. So, just for a moment, throw out everything you were taught by your parents and practically every other couple you have come in contact with and think about this…

The second concept for an amazing relationship is to…

Understand making sacrifices and compromises is not required.

There, it’s out there. Can you imagine how freeing that would be? No more trying to please your love one, keeping the peace, or doing something to prove your worthiness.

Instead of putting your compromising and sacrificing on auto-pilot, listen and follow your intuition or inner guidance. Your intuition always offers a solution to even the most insignificant situation, where no one, not even your loved one, has to sacrifice or compromise in any way. If you tap into it, your intuition makes your relationship amazing for both of you.


It’s so easy to get in the habit of overlooking the little things that happen day to day. Or to keep telling yourself it doesn’t matter, when it does. If we only knew that not paying attention and not being honest with ourselves and others is slowly ruining our ability to feel worthy, along with our relationships.

The third concept for an amazing relationship is to…

Practice being truthful to yourself and others all the time.  

If we want an amazing relationship, we have to first change our relationship with ourselves.

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