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Why INFP Personality Types Can Doubt the Twin Flame Concept

This blog wasn’t written to try to get INFP personality types (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to buy into the idea of twin flames. It was written mostly for all of you who have INFP twin flames, who need to understand where they might be coming from.

Why INFPs Can Have a Hard Time Believing in the Idea of Twin Flames…

INFPs are usually…


They often fight putting anything into a category and labeling it, including labeling themselves as INFPs.  Therefore, it is highly unlikely they would want to throw their extraordinary, out-of-this-world relationship into a category with others.


When INFPs are faced with a new concept that they have no previous experience with, like twin flames, they will need a lot of time (sometimes years) to evaluate their belief in it. INFPs need to explore all the different twin flame definitions out there, which makes it extremely difficult for them to draw any conclusions.


Even if they do get close to believing in the twin flame concept, they will often second-guess themselves until any certainty fades away. Their self-doubt makes them slow to endorse something as the absolute truth.

Get This Straight!

It’s not important for your INFP twin flame to believe in the concept to be in a twin flame relationship! Nor will it impact your outcome in any way.

The twin flame concept is just something some personality types need to understand about this extremely rare relationship. INFPs are not one of them.

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