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29 Ways to Let Feelings of Unworthiness Ruin a Relationship

Maybe things in your relationship could be better. Maybe your loved one will come around to doing the things they ought to be doing. But first, are you? Are you sabotaging your relationship in small, seemingly loving ways?

Here’s Ways You Can Let Your Feelings of Unworthiness Ruin Your Romance…

When you…

  • Over-apologize or expect your loved one to.
  • Have plenty of regrets.
  • Strongly believe that a good relationship requires you to make sacrifices and compromises.
  • Are too available.
  • Never have an opinion on anything.
  • Think about your body size, shape, or the amount of wrinkles you have when making love.
  • Hide the truth so you won’t hurt your loved one’s feelings.
  • Change your looks and behaviors only to please your loved one.
  • Let them make your decisions for you.
  • Stop communicating and expressing your thoughts and feelings.
  • Stop looking your loved one in the eyes.
  • Don’t practice tough love ever—allowing them to remain in an unhealthy comfort zone.
  • Try to numb yourself with food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, socializing, overworking, texting, or any of the hundreds of other things often used to diminish your ability to feel.
  • Strongly believe you need to do something to be loved and accepted.
  • Tell white lies because you are afraid of your loved one’s reaction.
  • Stop listening, or better yet, get such busy lives you just pass in the night.
  • Put expressing “I love you” on auto-pilot, saying it at least once a day.
  • Believe the inability to get along with some friends or family members has no effect on your relationship.
  • Take your loved one’s comments personally.
  • Constantly worry about what you did or did not do.
  • Practice blaming anyone or anything else for what’s happening in your relationship.
  • Stay crazy busy doing things for your loved one to try to prove your worth. 
  • Try to fix your loved one’s problems for them.
  • Find yourself sacrificing and compromising all the time.
  • Criticize your looks and actions often.
  • Try to live up to your own and your loved one’s expectations.
  • Find it difficult to accept praise and appreciation from your loved one.
  • Believe the more you are needed, the worthier you will feel.
  • Claim you don’t know how to listen to your inner guidance or intuition.

Whether you identify with one or all of these ways, by doing some inner work you can transform your current relationship into something amazing.

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