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33 Signs a Romance Operates from a 3rd Dimension Mindset

This wasn’t written to point out the OBVIOUS 3rd dimension indications in a relationship. You know, the ones that are full of jealousy, abuse, overdependence, or manipulative and controlling behavior. I’ll leave that to the therapists.

This was written for those sometimes hard to detect signs that we are in the 3rd dimension mindset. We see these signs in other relationships and experience them ourselves so often that we think they are “normal” for romantic relationships. Yes, many of us think the pain, heartache, and the feeling of unworthiness is “normal.”

Here are 33 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Relationship Operates from a 3rd Dimension Mindset…

When you, your love one, or both…

  • Have a habit of blaming each other for one thing or another.
  • Feel guilty and apologize
  • Repeatedly take things too seriously.
  • Feel lonely and unconnected.
  • Want your loved one to appreciate you more.
  • Find your friends and family avoid being around you and/or your loved one.
  • Have little disagreements here and there.
  • Want to spend more and more time apart.
  • Fear telling the truth about some things.
  • Can list at least more cons than pros about your loved one.
  • Have excuses to stay with your loved one, like for the sake of the kids or for financial reasons.
  • No longer feel good about yourself.
  • Have tried to make your loved one “everything.”
  • Don’t have much in common
  • Change your looks, behaviors, and dreams just to please your loved one.
  • Go along with your loved one’s decisions because it’s easier.
  • Are defensive about certain subjects.
  • Stay with them because they say they “I love you.”
  • Don’t like the person you have become.
  • Make problems with your loved one a topic of conversation with your friends.
  • Have others suggesting you hire a life coach or get couples therapy.
  • Find yourself compromising more than not.
  • Feel trapped.
  • Lack the willingness to forgive some things.
  • Stop paying attention to how you
  • At times dread seeing or talking to them.
  • Make conscious sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.
  • Feel you would be happier if your loved one spoke or acted
  • Do things just to please your loved one.
  • Find yourself resenting other couples’ relationships.
  • Don’t feel like it’s a 50/50
  • Let your loved one hurt your feelings.
  • Have gained weight or picked up an unhealthy habit to relieve stress.

If you can identify with most of these 3rd dimension relationship signs, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed—or that you necessarily have a heap of self-improvement work ahead of you.

Sometimes you can change your relationship simply by changing your mindset. Truly! And it can be done without making sacrifices or changing who you are.

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