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Getting Mixed Messages with Your Twin Flame Relationship?

Are you getting what seems to be contradictory information from your relationship and even from your twin flame? Twin flame relationships can get very confusing at times.

One minute we can be in love, head over heels, and the next minute want to run as far away as we can. We can get extremely deep feelings for the other and have no idea if those feelings are mutual.  We can be bombarded with encouraging signs from the universe, and yet have no evidence from our twin flame’s behavior. Sometimes it can feel like the “powers that be” are just messing with us. Mixes messages makes us question the “powers that be,” our twin flame, and especially ourselves.

Why are We Getting Mixed Messages?

Mixed Messages Help Us…

1   Adapt to a Higher Mindset-

One of the reasons is learn how to mostly operate in the 4th dimension mindset, which consists of training our mind to think positive and loving thoughts about our twin flame, and ourselves.

The 3rd dimension mindset is crammed full of doubtful and judging thoughts, which causes the contradictory information.

2   Build Faith-

Another reason is to get used to trusting in the “powers that be.” If we had our twin flame in our arms always without questionable messages, then there would be no reason to learn to rely on the “powers that be.”

3   Hone Our Intuition Skills-

The last reason we are going to talk about is our serious need to improve our ability to follow our intuitive insights. We will NOT have a lasting happy outcome with our twin flame without using it on a consistent basis.

Are You Ready to Stop Getting Mixed Messages with Your Twin Flame Relationship?

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