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Why INFJs and INFPs Tend to Find False Twin Flames

Are you one of those people that tend to be a little impatient when it comes to finding your true love? Maybe you hold onto someone you are attracted to because you think they are surely your twin flame.

It’s very common for INFJ and INFP Myers-Briggs personality types to find false twin flames (becoming obsessed with someone who you are in a karmic relationship with).

Here’s Some Reasons Why INFJs and INFPs Tend to Find False Twin Flames…

INFJs and INFPs usually…

  • Search for “the one,” even from an early age.
  • Dive deep and are passionate about anything or anyone that interests them.
  • Combine their curiosity and their craving of deep soul connections, which makes them extremely open for any relationship where they feel a connection.
  • Have lived many lifetimes to accumulate plenty of unfinished karmic relationships.
  • Are eager to do their spiritual inner work, which can attract unfinished karmic relationships (false twin flames) full of learning experiences and unloving patterns to break.


Whether your relationship is your actual twin flame or a false twin flame, your job is the same—to learn how to unconditionally love them and yourself. Or you can wait until the next lifetime and do it all over again.

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