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Do Twin Flames Have Free Will?

Most humans on earth probably think there is “free will.” That means that they have the ability to make choices as separate individuals, as they wish, without these choices being predestined by fate or divine will.

Before you go along with the crowd and buy into the concept of “free will,” take time to re-examine it thoroughly, especially concerning your twin flame relationship.

Things to Consider…

1   Almost everyone in a genuine twin flame relationship, if they had “free will,” would opt out. In fact, most of us have tried to will ourselves out of the relationship by doing everything we could possibly think of and then some. We’ve tried ignoring it, denying it, avoiding it, praying it away, cutting off contact, dating others, running away, numbing ourselves from the intense energy, and performing detaching ceremonies—just to name a few.

2   If everyone is doing their own thing and not connected to anything else, how are signs from the universe, coincidences, and synchronicities even possible? How can someone say the perfect words to us at the perfect time? How do we notice our twin flame’s birth date on a license plate?

3   Then there is the question about why you are not physically with your twin flame when you want it soooo badly. Even if you are an excellent manifester, getting things to happen the way you want them and when you want them to is hit and miss. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

4   This next point is deep, so take time to reflect on it. Believing in “free will” makes it difficult not to think you have made mistakes in your relationship and somehow, have hurt yourself, your twin flame, or the outcome in some way. That means “free will” makes it extremely hard, if not impossible, to forgive ourselves.

5   Don’t forget, believing in “free will” means your twin flame has “free will” too. That gives them the power, at any moment, to close their heart and go in a different direction. Boy, is that a scary and depressing thought! It leaves you without recourse.

6   If our will has the ability to operate on its own, then there is no need for God’s (Higher Power, Divine, Spirit, Source, Universe) help with the relationship. That means we prefer striving to do everything all alone, including our twin flame journey.

7   “Free will” kind of blows a hole in the concept that twin flames are ONE, doesn’t it?

Make the Relationship Easier

The sooner you can adapt to the idea of “destiny” in every aspect of your twin flame journey, the less painful and discouraging it will be. It’s an amazing mind-blowing adventure that you are not in charge of.

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