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18 Signs an INFP Has NOT Forgiven Themself

If you identify with the INFP Myers-Briggs personality type, forgiving others is a whole lot easier than letting yourself off the hook. Maybe it’s because INFPs hold themselves to such high standards, that if they fall short, they think it’s unforgivable.

Here’s Signs INFPs Have Not Forgiven Themselves…

When They…

1   Are dead set that what they did or didn’t say, or did or didn’t do, was wrong.

2   Need to be perfect, no matter what the cost.

3   Take others’ opinion personally.

4   Feel bad or guilty every time they think about a particular event.

5   Want to fix or rectify their past mistakes by trying to control their current behavior.

6   Keep apologizing for what they did or didn’t do.

7   Totally disregard when others tell them there is no reason to blame themselves for what happened.

8   Deflect gifts or compliments from others.

9   Have a difficult time making decisions, mainly because they are afraid of being wrong again.

10   Think about a particular situation over and over, especially what they did wrong and what they should have done.

11   Are very insecure about their abilities, knowledge, or just about anything they say or do.

12   Think their life or others’ lives would have been better if they didn’t say or do what they did. They think they have caused themselves or others to lose something because of their actions.

13   Don’t feel they deserve to be happy or feel worthy.

14   Find themselves in painful patterns to punish themselves. This could be  over/under eating, working harder, people pleasing, taking pills, drinking alcohol, careless driving, using drugs, smoking cigarettes, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, or hundreds of other ways.

15   Criticize themselves.

16   Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship.

17   Have past regrets.

18   Ignore their intuition or inner guidance, especially when it comes to forgiving themselves.

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