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18 Signs a Romance Operates from a 4th Dimension Mindset

This is the ideal state of mind to be in with your relationship. Once you can operate mostly in the 4th dimension mindset on a consistent basis, it not only is easy and extremely rewarding, but prepares you for something even better, the 5th dimension feeling of “oneness.”

Here’s Some Signs Your Romance Operates from a 4th Dimension Mindset… 

When you…

  • Feel good inside every time you think about your loved one.
  • Have learned to be an excellent listener, without ever taking anything personal.
  • Notice your eyes light up when they walk into the room.
  • Have the best time with your loved one even doing the most boring, ordinary things.
  • Feel completely relaxed in their presence.
  • Focus on having real quality time. You know, when you get rid of outside distractions and are fully present in the moment with your loved one.
  • Can truly be yourself.
  • Both feel free to talk from the heart and share your beliefs, fears, and dreams without concern.
  • Have daily moments of appreciation just for being in your loved one’s life.
  • Don’t depend on what your loved one says or does to be happy.
  • Feel worthy and deserving of a relationship like this.
  • Find it’s easy to be honest.
  • Make it a habit to focus on the things going right in the relationship, not the problems. You have learned that what you focus on expands.
  • Like the person you have become in the relationship.
  • Realize that sacrifice and compromise are not necessary and that they can actually break down a relationship.
  • Have no expectations with yourself or your loved one, which makes forgiving easy.
  • Make it a practice to follow your inner guidance or intuition, no matter how illogical it seems.
  • Feel a connection that is incomparable to anything else.

Now, wouldn’t a relationship with all of these qualities be something! All that is needed is a willingness to do your inner work, so your state of mind raises to the 4th dimension.

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