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15 Affirmations of Someone Who Feels Unworthy

Affirmations have a reputation for being positive—thoughts we use to get ourselves pumped up to achieve our goals or to manifest our heart’s desires. But they are more than that!

Actually, affirmations are ANY thoughts, positive or negative, that we repeatedly think until we believe them. Whether we realize it or not, we are doing affirmations all the time. They are what make up our beliefs.

So, in the case of someone who feels unworthy, their affirmations are negative.

Here are 15 Affirmations of Someone Who Feels Unworthy…

  • I don’t deserve to feel worthy.
  • I am not as good as others.
  • Nothing ever seems to work out for me.
  • I’m not loving and lovable.
  • If I would just stop making mistakes, I could feel worthy.
  • I don’t accept myself exactly the way I am.
  • It’s selfish to put my ability to feel worthy as a priority.
  • If I tried to feel worthy, I might fail.
  • I need to change the way I look and/or behave to feel worthier.
  • I have a hard time forgiving myself.
  • I need to be productive to prove my worth.
  • If I felt worthy, I would be conceited and self-absorbed.
  • I know what I did or didn’t say, or did or didn’t do was
  • If I felt worthy, it wouldn’t make my life any better.
  • I need to feel needed to feel worthy.

For someone who feels unworthy, at least, some of these affirmations are constantly running through their heads. Because every thought we think has an effect, it progressively becomes harder and harder for someone to feel equal to others and deserve to have their heart’s desires.

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