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How A Course in Miracles Relates to The Twin Flame Purpose

We can get lost in thinking the purpose of our relationship is to be together in the 3rd dimension (what we physically see, hear, and touch). We will do anything to try to make that happen, and we want it as soon as possible, of course! It’s easy to get caught up thinking our relationship is only about the two of us.

But the twin flame purpose is so much more than that. A Course in Miracles states,

“You have been called, together with your brother [or sister], to the most holy function this world contains. It is the only one that has no limits and reaches out to every broken fragment of the Sonship [everyone] with healing and uniting comfort.”

A Course in Miracles also says,

“The peace He [Holy Spirit] lay, deep within you and your brother [or sister], will quietly extend to every aspect of your life, surrounding you and your brother [or sister] with glowing happiness and the calm awareness of complete protection. And you will carry its message of love and safety and freedom to everyone who draws nigh unto your temple [relationship], where healing waits for him.”


“Yet it [your relationship] is very useful to the Holy Spirit, Who has a special function here. It will become the happy dream through which He [Holy Spirit] can spread joy to thousands on thousands who believe that love is fear, not happiness.”

Our only part in all of this is to learn how to unconditionally love our twin flame so the relationship can be an example to others.

There are thousands who are waiting for us to show them how to unconditionally love someone. Don’t waste time by trying to question, deny, change, or ignore your part. It won’t make you happy or help others.

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