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Twin Flame: 8 Signs You Probably Have NOT Met Them Yet

It’s confusing when we first meet someone who whips us off our feet and we experience out-of-this-world chemistry. It’s hard to believe this is an ordinary romance. So, we can easily assume we’ve finally found the highest relationship humanly possible, our twin flame.

Signs You Probably Have NOT Met Your Twin Flame Yet…

1  There is not an age difference of at least a few years.

2   You tend to keep little secrets from her/him because you are afraid of her/his reaction. If it is a twin flame union, there is absolutely nothing you won’t discuss with them.

3   You can’t remember receiving lots of noticeable signs and synchronicities that were nudging you in his/her direction, long before you ever met.

4   There are not enormous amounts of differences between you and her/him. In fact, twin flames are opposites, having hardly anything in common at first other than they are both human and have an intense attraction for each other.

5  Neither one of you is heavily involved in self-growth, spiritual, or faith based pursuits.

6  Your deep attraction to her/him has faded or died out with time.

7  Neither one of you has realized that this isn’t the first time the two of you have met. Twin flames almost always have had several previous lifetimes together.

8  You aren’t ready to unconditionally love someone no matter how they act, what they say, or what they do. Twin flames are put together to go through a crash course in forgiveness, gratitude, and acceptance.


Whether or not you have found your twin flame, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not you want a deep fulfilling connection with someone else. And if you do, #8 is the only thing that can make that come true. Even the most ordinary romances can be amazing.


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