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Summer Online Classes on Improving Any Relationship

Online Live Classes on

How to Improve Your Relationships

Are you struggling with a romantic relationship or your twin flame? Or is your mother constantly irritating you? Maybe it’s your boss or a co-worker. Perhaps it’s a few people that are annoying. Whoever is pushing your buttons and causing you pain, you can get relief.

Who Would Benefit from this Class…

If You Have Certain Relationships…

  • That upset, anger, or disappoint you on a steady basis.
  • Where there is difficulty in communicating and lots of misunderstandings.
  • That you either place blame on that person or yourself for something that happened or is happening.
  • That you are willing to change your looks, behaviors, and dreams just to please them.
  • Where you often dread seeing or talking to that person.
  • That brings out the worst in you.
  • Where you often judge and talk about them to others.
  • That make you feel tense, frustrated, or unworthy in their presence.
  • When you feel guarded and hesitant to be honest.
  • Where there is a hurtful pattern or recurring behavior that makes one of you or both, guilty and in need of punishment.
  • That has a lot of drama, full of intensity and arguments.
  • Where there are several past hurts you don’t want to let go of, whether you, that person, or both caused them.

We Will Cover…

1  Several ways we usually deal with difficult relationships and why some aren’t very effective or don’t work long term.

2  What causes our anger, feeling hurt, sadness, worry, and controlling behavior.

3  Ways to deal with difficult relationships that are effective and last.

4   How to let the past go.

5   How to forgive ourselves and the other person.

6   How to get relief.

What Is Required to Attend This Class…

  • To be fluent in English.
  • To believe in God or a Higher Power.
  • Have the willingness to participate in class.
  • Come to the classes in a distraction-free space.

This is NOT a webinar where you can sit back and listen to a speaker talking.  Instead, this class explores the concepts around difficult relationships through questions, explanations, discussions, and lots of examples.

5 Classes Every Other Week on Wednesday Evening

June 28th, July 12th & 26th, August 9th & 23rd (Each is 60 minutes long)

5 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. MT / 7 p.m. CT / or 8 p.m. ET


(Credit or Debit Card)

It is limited to 7 participants.

Contact Vickie if you’re interested, and I will tell you more of the details.