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Take a Quiz and Find out if it is Time for You to Stop People Pleasing?

Out of all my blogs since Sept 2008, the top 3 most popular ones are on people pleasing. They are 52 Traits of a Chronic People Pleaser, 19 Reasons to Stop People Pleasing, and 10 Affirmations of a Chronic People Pleaser.

That shocks me! Are there that many people suffering from the need to please that they want to get informed and possibly overcome it?

Take this short people pleasing test and see if your chronic niceness is causing you enough stress, unhappiness, and difficulties to want to do something about it.

Is it Time for You to Stop People Pleasing and Start Enjoying your Life?

If you are ready to end the habit of people pleasing now, contact Vickie Champion for a discovery coaching and consulting session.