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How to Make a Commitment to Yourself

I had a client ask me in a coaching session how to get yourself to make a commitment. I had to take time and really think about the process I just went through.

I have never let myself feel sexy. Since the age of 6, I have been overweight – from 30 to 100 pounds — and I have never believed my facial features were very attractive either. So I resigned myself to a life of making due, blech!, with what I was given and learning to love myself anyway. Recently, my intuition and a series of events nudged me into committing to feel as sexy as I could. Read my blog on Define Feeling Sexy to understand what I mean.

Here’s what I did to make a commitment to myself…

1  I realized I was just wasting time. Everyday seemed to be the same, one meal to the next, just going through the motions, without any personal growth or “aha” moments.  I kept asking myself, “If not now, when? When I’m dead?”

2  I stopped lying to myself.  I had tried to convince myself  it didn’t matter, when all along, it did matter.

3  I had to acknowledge  I  had gotten so comfortable in my comfort zone that it was making me miserable. You know, when your life is not too bad but not too good either. My business was doing OK and I seemed to have enough clients. I was paying the bills and had some money saved.  I’m in fairly good health for my age, other than the weight issue. I had good relationships with my clients, friends and family. But it wasn’t amazing. Not even close.

4  I started doing affirmations.  For years, I have been in the practice of repeating positive thoughts over and over until I start believing them. It works well in getting me prepared to make a commitment. Some are…

  • There is nothing I cannot do, including feeling sexy.
  • There is nothing to fear. (From A Course in Miracles)
  • Today is the toughest it will ever be.

5  I embraced a mindset to do whatever it takes however long it takes. For me this works by thinking of the absolute worst that could happen and giving it permission (mentally) to happen. For instance, never again eating the foods I want when I want them.

6 Then, I jumped in. I forged an all or nothing attitude. A real commitment to yourself requires a there-is-no-turning-back mindset.

Change may not be easy, but it is the way of life. And when it comes to changing – or in fact accepting that we deserve all our desires – even to feel sexy – it is life changing.  What is your desire, perhaps long hidden or ignored, that requires your commitment right now?

If you need help with making a commitment to yourself, contact Vickie Champion for a discovery coaching and consulting session.