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Does Feeling Unworthy Stop Your Desires from Coming True?

YES. Feeling unworthy or not deserving of what you want can cause havoc with knowing what your desires are and having them come true.

Here’s How Feeling Unworthy Stops Our Desires from Coming True…


Feeling unworthy prevents our desires from surfacing long enough for us to know what most of them are. For the most part, that keeps the passion, excitement, and something to really look forward to out of our lives.


If our desires do surface, feeling unworthy can easily brainwash us into thinking we are not good enough to ever get our desires. It’s like a constant judgmental mantra of “I’m not good enough” is running through our minds.


Feeling unworthy can make everyone and everything a higher priority. We can have lots of excuses why it’s not the right time to start working on our desires—maybe after the kids are grown, the economy is better, our spouse finds their dream job, or when we have all the bills paid off.


People who don’t feel worthy tend to keep their desires a secret. This excludes anyone from supporting us or helping us in other ways to fulfill our desires.


Feeling unworthy can keep us busy doing lots of activities that later we tend to feel guilty about. For instance, overeating, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine, gambling, impulse buying, binge-watching, constantly texting, looking at social media, playing video games, or hundreds of others—anything that distracts us from thinking about our desires.


The main reason people fall into and stay in the habit of people pleasing is that they feel unworthy. At the core, we can feel not as deserving as others.


Feeling unworthy can easily keep us focused on our problems and away from our desires. This includes lots of thinking about our difficulties, using them as a topic of conversation, and trying out different strategies to fix them.


Feeling unworthy can make us play small, and doubt ourselves and our abilities a lot. This can happen so much that we tailor our entire life to stay in our comfort zone.


Feeling unworthy can easily block us from being aware of our intuition or inner guide. This makes it extremely hard to get on the path of making our desires come true.

What Now?

If you don’t know what your desires are, are having difficulties feeling worthy of them, or can’t stay on the journey towards getting them, think about doing some feel-worthy inner work.

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