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22 Ways to Describe, Define, or Explain Intuition

After one of my workshops, a woman approached me. I asked her if she liked the workshop. She replied: “Not really, I don’t believe in intuition because I’m a Christian.” Her answer caught me by surprise. What does being a Christian have to do with intuition? It didn’t make sense to me until I remembered what one of my bosses told me years ago, “The key to understanding anyone’s view or anything new is to first be open to learning the terms for it, then connecting the dots is easy.”

Here are 22 Ways to Describe Intuition….

1  A knowing.

2  An inner truth.

God’s guidance.

4  A hunch.

5  An awareness.

Gut instincts.

7  An inner voice.

8  A premonition.

9  A sense.

10 Gut feelings.

11 God’s voice.

12 A vision.

13 An inspiration.

14 A sixth sense.

15 An inner guidance.

16 Following your heart.

17 An insight.

18 Inner wisdom.

19 An “aha” moment.

20 A glimpse or a quick look.

21 Read between the lines.

22 Hear what’s not being said.

If I had been speaking to a gathering of Christians, I could have described intuition as God’s guidance or God’s voice. Then the woman would have been open to what I had to say. What a difference the term makes!

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