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What Makes Twin Flames Feel Like They are Crazy?

In the twin flame relationship, probably everyone has experienced the feeling like they are crazy. In fact, if they haven’t, it’s highly unlikely that they have found their twin flame yet.

The twin flame relationship turns us upside down, bombarding us with soooo much self-doubt that we think we need to be locked up in a looney bin.

Reasons Why Twin Flames Can Feel Like They are Crazy…

1   No matter what we do, we cannot get our twin flame out of our minds (day after day, month after month, year after year).

2   It becomes an obsession, making everything thing else in our lives (other relationships, careers, hobbies, finances, and health) a lower priority, with some relationships or things falling off our radar completely.

3   Lots of our time is spent without proof or physical evidence that our twin flame feels the same as we do.

4   The relationship is an emotional roller coaster, letting us experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, sometimes within a few minutes.

5   The whole experience is not logical, and definitely not normal.

6   It forces us out of our comfort zone. What used to work in our lives and in our relationships, doesn’t work any longer.

7   The relationship brings up the worst in us. What we thought we had gotten control over and were keeping at bay surfaces, especially our feelings of unworthiness.

8   We probably won’t have much outside help in gaining our sanity. Other than the Internet and the very few twin flamers who are actually in twin flame relationships, there probably won’t be anyone else that can truly understand what we are going through. Nor can anyone else wave a magic wand to turn us right side up and release us from the loony bin.

This factor alone forces us to become more and more spiritual, relying on our own inner guidance (God, Divine, Higher Power, Guides, Spirit, Source, Universe, or any other term you want to call it).

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