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30 Signs INFJ Personality Types Need to Hone Their Intuition

Are you an INFJ who is just about always trying to improve your intuitive skills? Out of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, INFJs are the ones that use their intuition or inner guidance the most. Yet, there is almost always a need to strengthen their intuitive ability, even if it’s just a little bit.

OBVIOUS Signs INFJs Need to Hone Their Intuition More…

When INFJs…

1   Argue, fight, and have disagreements with others.

2   Feel depressed.

3   Don’t feel connected to others.

4   Feel overwhelmed, pressured, or rushed.

5   Doubt themselves.

6   Are afraid to tell the truth.

7   Hold onto past hurts.

8   Feel inadequate or incapable of handling whatever happens.

9   Spend a lot of time putting out fires.

10   Let others hurt their feelings.

11   Don’t do things they are excited about or want to do.

12   Make sacrifices to resolve conflict or to please someone.

13   Have regrets.

14   Get confused.

15   Feel unworthy or not deserving to have what they want.

16   Avoid making decisions because they are afraid to make mistakes.

17   Run into obstacles or roadblocks.

18   Feel guilty or want others to feel guilty.


Not-so-Obvious Signs INFJs Need to Hone Their Intuition More…

When INFJs…

19   Think there is something wrong with getting lost in their thoughts.

20   Can’t tell if others are telling the truth.

21   Haven’t come across their twin flame or true love yet.

22   Take a side and will do anything to prove they are right.

23   Have spells of being ill.

24   Feel they would be happier if someone else spoke or acted differently.

25   See those closest to them having major problems or in difficult relationships.

26   Aren’t able to forecast the future, whether it’s their own, with others, or social trends.

27   Can’t usually tell if something feels right or feels wrong.

28   Don’t experience “aha” moments of clarity.

29   Haven’t figured out how to detach and relax enough to be able to receive intuitive insights.

30   Haven’t noticed what methods they receive intuitive insights most of the time.

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