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Why an INFJ and INFP Can be a Perfect Twin Flame Combination

There are a few Myers-Briggs personality type combinations that are highly unlikely for a twin flame relationship. But an INFJ with an INFP is a perfect combination.

Definition of Twin Flame Relationship

As you have probably noticed, there are lots of different definitions of a twin flame relationship. This blog is based on the definition from S.J. Morgan’s book Soul Mates and Twin Flames:

The twin flame union is the strongest, deepest, and purest form of love that can be experienced by two entities within this universe. It requires both entities to release their egos in order to act only out of unconditional love.

Why an INFJ with an INFP is a Perfect Combination to be in a Twin Flame Relationship at the…

Core Level

At the core level, INFJs and INFPs are wired the same. In other words, when it comes to the important stuff they are on a same page.

Both INFJs and INFPs tend to…

1   Believe everything is connected at some level.

2   Search for “the one.” They crave a mind-blowing, amazing soul connection that lasts for eternity.

3   Be extremely spiritual, highly sensitive, and usually trust and follow their intuition or inner guide.

4   Desire honest, authentic, and deep connections with others.

5   Be on a constant adventure of self-discovery and personal growth.

6   Have no desire to conform and be “normal,” which is a good fit for having an extremely rare twin flame relationship.

7   Be deep thinkers, full of creativity and ideas.

8   Have an intense laser-like focus with their passions.

9   Function a whole lot better when they have a cause or a purpose. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to completely release the ego (conditional love) and come from unconditional love. There isn’t a higher purpose any person can ever achieve in a relationship.

Day-to-Day Level

On the day-to-day level (i.e., the small stuff), INFJs and INFPs are wired the opposite, which can easily cause havoc in the relationship.

Some Opposites Might Be…

1   INFJs tend to be the least dependent of all the personality types on external stimulation for intuitive insights. INFPs tend to receive intuitive insights from exploring external stimulation.

2   INFJs tend to be outer control freaks. They usually try to control everything in their environment in order to feel safe and secure. INFPs tend to be inner control freaks—trying to keep control of their inner thoughts and beliefs.

3   INFJs usually need to have structure and order. That means they plan and organize a lot. INFPs usually need to have lots of freedom and flexibility. That means INFPs are more spontaneous.

4   INFJs like to keep their environment neat and tidy. INFPs usually keep their environment messy and chaotic.

5   INFJs tend to talk through their issues with others. INFPs tend to keep their issues to themselves.

6   INFJs tend to be more analytical—thinking things through before taking action. INFPs tend to be more experimental, always trying different options.

7   INFJs are usually firm, direct, and make decisions easily. INFPs are usually more open-ended or take time considering every option before making a decision.

8   INFJs even tend to read more nonfiction, subjects like personal growth and spirituality. INFPs tend to read more fiction—stories that use lots of imagination.

To Sum it Up

At the core level, both the INFJ and the INFP intuitively feel that deep intense connection, which acts as a magnet to make them want to get rid of anything that stands in the way of their twin flame union.

The day-to-day opposite behaviors act as the accelerator that brings each person’s ego to the surface to be released.

The INFJ/INFP relationship combination has both an extremely strong magnet pulling them towards union and at the same time provides an accelerator pushing them out of the ego mindset.

This creates an ideal scenario for learning how to let go of conditional love and really learning how to unconditionally love another person.

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