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The 4 Least Likely Personality Types to Have a Twin Flame Relationship

There are two major things that happen in a twin flame relationship that do not fall in line with certain Myers-Briggs personality types.

Feeling (F) or Thinking (T)

FEELING-   One of them is the ability twin flame’s have to experience the intense feelings and connection they have with their twin flame. In fact, the ability to feel this is a driving force that keeps them interested in the relationship.  Twin flames are ruled by what they feel in their hearts, not concrete evidence.

THINKING   Personality types that are based in Thinking (T) are not inclined to pick up feelings easily or have a strong desire to feel the soul connection with another person.  They usually have little interest in engaging in depth with any one person and are not focused on the emotional side of life.

Intuitive (N) or Sensing (S)

INTUITIVE- Another one is that to have a happy outcome, twin flames are required to follow their inner guide or intuition. The twin flame journey is full of unexplainable paranormal events, including telepathy, visions, vivid dreams, astral travel, and undeniable signs from the universe—nothing that is logical.

SENSING-   Personality types that are based in Sensing (S) are inclined to need concrete facts from their environment before they believe it. This type focuses on what they physically (3rd dimension) see, hear, and touch, which can make the twin flame journey nearly impossible to navigate with any success.

The Least Likely Personality Types to Have a Twin Flame Relationship…

Those with both S and T personality traits are the least likely, and frankly, they probably have no desire whatsoever to deal with a deep heartfelt relationship, let alone a twin flame. They are…

ISTPs   ISTJs     ESTJs    ESTPs


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