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Twin Flames: What Causes the Love Hate Relationship?

Can you identify with the following scenario? I love her/him. I hate loving her/him. I hate my love for her/him. I really love her/him. I loathe her/him. I really want to be with her/him. I don’t want to be with her/him. I love this connection. I hate this connection. I can’t wait to be with her/him. I’m so excited! I wish my life would go back to the way it was before I met her/him. Now, nothing seems complete without her/him.

Found Your Twin Flame?

If you identify with this scenario, having an internal battle is a good sign you have found your twin flame.

What Causes the Internal Battle?

What’s really happening is that your head is in a knockout fight with your heart. Your twin flame is forcing you out of your comfort zone—probably kicking and screaming, hanging on with all your might, just to avoid changing.

No matter how much you want your life to be like before, want to control who you fall in love with, want to control your own and your twin flame’s behaviors, it just extends the internal battle.

Only Choice

Your heart will eventually win—no matter how many months, years, decades, or lifetimes you fight it.

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