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Twin Flame Relationship: Things You Need to Know About Finding Help

There is so much help available, you may be overwhelmed about where to start. Maybe you are afraid you’ll make a mistake? Or that you will be told something that you don’t want to hear.

Here are Some Things You Need to Know About Finding Help….

1   We Will be Intuitively Directed in the Right Direction-

Once we get serious about doing our inner work, that higher source (God, a Higher Power, Inner Guide, Universe, Spirit, Source, Divine, or any other way you want to identify it) automatically helps us find help.

2   Help Comes from Anyone and Anything in Hundreds of Different Ways-

Don’t get locked into thinking help can only come from the experts. A common way to get help is through signs from the universe, which are external messages that can give us validations, encouragements, and indications we are in the flow. Or we can get obstacles that tell us to change something, or to move on.

3   None of the Experts Know all the Answers all the Time-

The experts are guided to help us find our own answers and to trust our own inner guide or intuition, which is our inner work’s ultimate goal anyway. Along the journey, we will attract those who can help us the most at the level we are at.

4   Everything Helps-

Whether we accept it or not, everything is working towards union and a happy outcome with our relationship, even when it appears to be working against us.

5   Making a Commitment to Do Our Inner Work Changes Everything-

We have a tendency to exaggerate how difficult and complicated inner work really is. All we have to do is get serious about it. Once we finally stop being flakey, the painful part of our twin flame journey will start transforming before our eyes.

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