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20 Things That Cause INFP Personality Types to Feel Exhausted

INFP Myers-Briggs personality types are very sensitive to the energy of others and their environment. This makes certain situations depleting and sometimes extremely difficult for an INFP.

Here’s a List of Some of the Things That Cause INFPs to Feel Exhausted or Drained…

  • Judging or doubting themselves.
  • Inability to be creative or use their imagination.
  • Someone wanting their constant attention.
  • Making small talk, such as discussing the weather, what they had for lunch, or what they are going to do that day.
  • Keeping everything the same and setting up routines.
  • Social events, especially when they involve being in large groups or around negative people.
  • Being criticized.
  • Not having a sanctuary or a safe space of their own.
  • Being stretched too thin or having back-to-back obligations.
  • Being pushed to make decisions before they have time to explore the options.
  • Relationship conflict or misunderstandings.
  • Not feeling connected to others.
  • Negativity. Being around negative people for any length of time or watching the news can be very draining.
  • Trying to stop or dismiss how they feel. For an INFP, ignoring their feelings and emotions is cutting off their energy source.
  • Not having big blocks of time on their own with no interruptions.
  • Dishonesty. This can mean others not telling the truth, or denying their own truth to themselves.
  • Not being able to move their body.
  • Soaking up others’ emotional storms. It’s easy for INFPs to feel others’ trauma or crisis and take it on.
  • Trying to do things without passion or inspiration. In other words, trying to settle for mediocre. INFPs love to really feel their emotions.
  • Denying their intuition or inner guide. Exploring, using their imagination, recognizing signs from the universe, and sensing the energy are some of the things that energize INFPs.

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