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Benefits of INFP Personality Types Using Intuition More Often

INFP Myers-Briggs personality types already use their intuition or inner guidance a lot, especially with their creative endeavors. But they tend to neglect it with other parts of their lives. Let’s discuss how going all-in can really make a difference in an INFP’s life.

Here’s Some Benefits of INFPs Using Their Intuition or Inner Guidance More Often…

Your Intuition or Inner Guide Can…

1   Give you even more freedom and flexibility.

2   End your self-doubt.

3   Take the stress out of making decisions.

4   Help you avoid being disappointed with anyone or anything.

5   Stop the need to judge yourself for every little thing.

6   Break painful patterns, such as constantly striving to be perfect.

7   Show you the way to stay true to yourself, and on your spiritual quest.

Being an INFP, you probably already know you use your intuition or inner guidance on a steady basis, but do you know it has NO limits?  Go for it, and you’ll see the additional rewards.

Are You an INFP Who is Ready to Get Help with Using Your Intuition More Often?

If you identify with the INFP personality type, this self-study eBook can help you increase the use of your intuition or inner guidance—without having to change who you are. For more details.

Also, check out the INFP Intuition QUIZ.

If you need more help using your intuition or inner guide, contact Vickie Champion for a complimentary coaching and consulting session.