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Twin Flames: What Causes Us to NOT Have a Happy Outcome?

If you spend any time on the Internet, especially reading the discussion groups, there are a lot of twin flames that never seem to have a happy ending.

Here’s Some Reasons Some Do Not Have a Happy Outcome with their Twin Flame Relationship…

When we…

1   Are NOT Even in a Twin Flame Relationship-

Many times, the prolonged intense desire to do anything to be with our twin flame is just not there. Other types of relationships, such as karmic or obsessive, can often fool us into thinking we have met our twin flame. But, with those types our desire is not as strong and tends to fade over time.

2   Are NOT Willing to Give up Numbing Devices and Addictions-

Because people in twin flame relationships tend to be sensitive to energy or empathic, we have used numbing devices to completely stop us from feeling, or at the least, help dull feeling. Our numbing devices don’t have to be alcohol, drugs, pills, or cigarettes, or food. They can be more subtle, such as busyness, caffeine, excessive exercising, binge watching, people pleasing, over working, or anything we do to diminish feeling.

We think our numbing devices are selective and only relieve stress and bad feelings, but they stop or desensitize all feeling. So, there is no way we can have a happy outcome with our twin flame and not be willing to feel it.

3   Feel Unworthy-

No matter what occurs, we will try to sabotage it if we don’t think we are worthy or deserving enough to have an amazing unconditional loving relationship.

An indication we might feel unworthy is if we haven’t forgiven ourselves for something we thought we did wrong in the past. That guilt causes us to want to keep punishing ourselves for it, and our twin flame relationship is a good way to do it.

4   Have NO Desire to Become Spiritual or Help Mankind-

If we don’t want to stretch ourselves and try all sorts of spiritual practices just to feel a deeper connection with our twin flame, we probably have not found our twin flame yet. Believing in something greater—beyond what we physically see, hear, and touch—and relying on it is key ingredient for a happy outcome.

 Think We Need to Improve Ourselves or our Situation First-

We might want to wait or delay a happy outcome until things change. There could be a desire to improve our appearance, behaviors, or personality traits, which is only a way to sabotage the relationship because we feel unworthy (see #3).

Or we want to take control of the situation until we have more money, the kids grow up, or we get a divorce. We would rather be in charge than have faith in a happy outcome for everyone.

6   Define a Happy Outcome as a “Normal” Relationship like Everyone Else’s-

A happy outcome is not about settling down in our comfort zones or having our picture-perfect lifestyle with a mate that strives to please us and fulfill all of our needs.

The happy outcome is the mind-blowing feeling we have when we love someone so much, we experience the 5th dimension or oneness.  This whole journey is about evolving and learning to unconditionally love our twin flame no matter what they say or don’t say, or do or don’t do. It’s about raising our mindset so high that we are not upset or hurt by how our twin flame or ourselves behave.

7   Would Rather Keep Rigid Beliefs About What is Right and What is Wrong-

We probably won’t have a happy outcome if we are dead set on keeping our preprogrammed beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. We won’t question if these beliefs are impossible for some of us to obey, or even question if these beliefs are unforgiving in nature.


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