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Twin Flames: What Causes Our Giving to Backfire?

Have you given your twin flame a compliment that wasn’t received well? Maybe you gave your twin flame a gift and were disappointed by the lack of appreciation. Or maybe you did an act of kindness that didn’t turn out like you thought it would.

With twin flames, it’s hard to hide anything! They usually can see right through our reason for giving and quickly expose us.

There are Two Different Mindsets to Giving…

3rd Dimension Giving

The 3rd dimension mindset is about giving something to get something in return—giving with conditions. We have strings attached, even if that simply means expecting someone to appreciate it.

Just about the only time we can get away with giving something in order to get something is if our twin flame is in the 3rd dimension mindset also. And a twin flame relationship cannot last long in the 3rd dimension mindset without going into the runner/chaser pattern.

4th Dimension Giving

The 4th dimension mindset is focused on giving unconditionally expecting nothing in return—not even appreciation or a simple “thank you.”

When one twin flame starts giving unconditionally, the other will follow.


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